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How much does it cost to rent a cabin?

The weekly rental rate is $115 (includes GST). We also require two weeks' rent in advance.

Is there a security deposit/bond?

Yes, there is a refundable bond/deposit of $300 payment required before receiving your cabin. Once the cabin is returned in good condition, you'll get this back.

If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the planned delivery date - we will withhold 25% of this security deposit/bond and refund the rest.

Delivery – how does it work?

There's a delivery and collection fee of $250 + GST each. We'll tow the cabin to you and set it up. It's your responsibility to provide a level surface/platform for the cabin. If you need it moved later, just let us know.

Any hidden fees for cabin collection?

Nope! We like to keep things transparent.

How big are these cabins?

Our cabins measure 4m x 2.55m, offering ample space for a variety of needs.

What happens if I'm late with payments?

If rental payments are not maintained as agreed, Gizzy Cabins reserves the right to reclaim the cabin.

What are the cabin specs/build quality?

The cabin's panels are made of 75mm Polystyrene Sandwich Panel (EPS) in a grey-white color. The roof is dark-blue titanium, and the base is constructed from galvanized box section steel. The cabin features a multi-way sliding window and a ranch slider door.

Where can I get a Gizzy Cabin?

We're proudly serving Gisborne, East Coast, and Wairoa. If you're nearby, we've got you covered!

How soon can I get a cabin?

We're pretty swift! Usually, it's just a matter of days. (Subject to availability)

How long do I need to rent a cabin?

We have a minimum term of six months for our cabin rentals.

Do I need insurance for the cabin I hire?

Yes, clients are responsible for securing their own insurance coverage for the hired cabin. Gizzy Cabins ensures the structural integrity of the cabin, but clients must protect against potential damages, theft, or other unforeseen events.

What happens when I'm finished with the cabin?

Once you've met the minimum rental period, just give us a month's notice, and we'll handle the rest.

Any height restrictions for the cabins?

Make sure you've got a clearance of at least 3.3m. Watch out for those pesky tree branches and powerlines!

How wide should my entry be for cabin delivery?

A breezy 2.5m width will do the trick.

How much space do I need to house a cabin?

A snug spot of about 5m x 3m on fairly level ground is perfect.

What if my entry is a tight squeeze?

No worries! We've got special equipment to lift and place the cabin just right.

Powering up the cabin?

Easy peasy! We provide a sturdy power lead. Just plug it into a regular three-pin socket.

What's inside the cabin in terms of insulation and flooring?

Our cabins are insulated with EPS (tin sandwich board) and have a sturdy 17mm Marineplex plywood floor.

What's inside in terms of electricals?

Our cabins come equipped with double power points, internal and external lights, and safety features like smoke alarms.

Do the cabins come painted?

Absolutely! They're dressed in neutral shades, ready to blend with any setting.

Do the cabins come with curtains and carpet?

Our cabins are equipped with carpet and curtain tracks, but curtains are not provided.

Do I need any special permissions for the cabin?

Our cabins are designed to be hassle-free, but it's always a good idea to check with your local council.

What happens in case of damages or repairs?

Normal wear and tear is expected. However, for significant damages or repairs, we'll assess the situation and discuss the best way forward.

How do I get started with renting a cabin?

Hop onto our Contact/Book a Cabin page, fill out the rental application, and we'll be in touch!