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1. Definitions:

  • "The Company" refers to Gizzy Cabins.

  • "The Client" refers to the individual or entity hiring or purchasing from The Company.

  • "Cabin" refers to the portable structure provided by The Company.

2. Cabin Rental:

  • Minimum rental period is six months.

  • Rental fee is $115 Including GST. Two weeks' rent is required in advance.

  • A security deposit/bond of $300 is required, refundable upon cabin return in original condition.

  • If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the planned delivery date - we will withhold 25% of this security deposit/bond and refund the rest.

3. Delivery and Setup:

  • A delivery and collection fee of $250 + GST each applies. Rural fees vary.

  • The Client must ensure an entry width of at least 2.7m and a space of 5m x 3m for cabin placement.

  • The Client must provide a level surface/platform for the cabin

4. Maintenance and Care:

  • Client is responsible for cabin upkeep.

  • Damages beyond normal wear and tear may be deducted from the bond.

5. Power and Electricals:

  • Cabins have a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). Connect to power as instructed.

  • No tampering with electrical setups.

6. Termination and Return:

  • If rent payments fall behind, Gizzy Cabins reserves the right to uplift the cabin.

  • After the minimum rental period, The Client must provide one calendar month's written notice for cabin return.

  • Cabin return in clean, undamaged condition for bond refund.

7. Credit Check Authorization:

  • Client authorizes Gizzy Cabins to check their credit history.

8. WINZ Supplier:

  • Company is a recognized WINZ supplier. Clients handle WINZ-related documentation.

9. Limitation of Liability:

  • Company not liable for indirect damages or losses from cabin use.

10. Amendments:

  • Company may update these terms without notice.

11. Governing Law:

  • Governed by New Zealand laws.

12. Insurance Responsibility:

  • The Client is required to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage for the duration of the cabin rental. This insurance should cover potential damages, theft, or other incidents that might affect the cabin. Gizzy Cabins is not liable for any damages or losses that occur during the rental period which are not covered by the client's insurance.

13. Acceptance:

  • Hiring or purchasing indicates agreement to these terms.